Mark Hacking Writing A Book

As police search the county landfill for the body of Lori Hacking, her husband is working on a book.

Mark Hacking said in a letter to the local channel ABC4 that any proceeds of the book would go to the Lori Hacking memorial scholarship fund, which was established by the woman's mother.

ABC4 reports Mark Hacking's letter thanked the channel for kindness shown to the Hacking family, and promised the station an interview once his court proceedings are through.

"I don't know if anyone there will want to interview me at that time, but I am not planning to do any other interviews," Hacking wrote in the letter sent to ABC4.

"I have begun working on a book about everything," the letter reads. "I will be sure to include how wonderful everyone at Channel 4 has been. I will be sure to send a copy to you. All proceeds will go to Lori's scholarship fund."

The Salt Lake television station says jail officials confirmed the letter came from there and Mark Hacking's father, Douglas Hacking, said it was his son's handwriting.

Douglas Hacking also confirmed that his son was working on a book, and had started it over, this time working from an outline.

ABC4 said the book begins with the day Mark and Lori met.

Authorities believe Lori Hacking was killed after confronting her husband over his deceptions about his college education and plans to become a doctor. The couple were packing for medical school where, she had apparently just discovered, he wasn't enrolled.