Marino "Good Chance" To Play

Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino said Tuesday he has a "good chance" of playing Thursday against the Dallas Cowboys.

Coach Jimmy Johnson, however, won't make a decision until gametime.

Marino, sidelined the last five weeks with a pinched nerve in his neck, practiced Monday for the first time since the injury. The strength and endurance in Marino's arm have not returned to normal, although, he said, he threw 50 balls in a row every day last week.

"In a game situation, you don't stand there and throw the ball 50 times in a row," Marino said Tuesday. "When I was out there throwing with Lamar Thomas most of the last couple of weeks, I was throwing one ball after another. In a game situation, I don't think that would be the case."

So will he play?

"I guess it's all really going to come down to how good my arm feels and whether I can maintain the strength I need to have to play," Marino said. "I have a pretty good chance of playing. I felt pretty good, but to tell you that I've felt like I have in the past and the level I'm used to, I'm not maybe quite there yet. But I'm pretty close."

Johnson said it will be a gametime decision between Marino and Damon Huard, Miami is 5-1 since Huard replaced Marino on Oct. 17 against New England.

Huard suffered a broken nose Sunday and has been limited in practice. His broken nose, which initially caused vision problems and dizziness, was even more swollen before Tuesday's practice.

"He's kind of in a fog," Johnson said. "It's kind of like having a severe headache plus he's got all the swelling."

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