Marine returns from war to surprise: Son with cerebral palsy walks for the first time

Staff sergeant Jeremy Cooney hugs his son, Michael, after the boy with cerebral palsy surprised his father by walking to him.

(CBS News) A U.S. Marine serving in Afghanistan traveled thousands of miles home for a reunion with his family, but it was the last few feet of that journey to Camp Lejeune in North Carolina that he will never forget.

Staff sergeant Jeremy Cooney saw something he'd never seen before: His six-year-old son, Michael, walking.

Watch the video of their reunion below.

Seven months ago, when Cooney was deployed to Afghanistan, doctors said Michael would never walk because of his cerebral palsy. But, while his father was away, his wife Melissa and the other children taught Michael to stand up and, eventually, to take steps. They kept it a secret from Dad until he returned home.

The homecoming occurred in December, but Melissa only posted the video online recently. See the reunion below.

  • Scott Pelley
    Scott Pelley

    Correspondent, "60 Minutes"