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Marine Col. James Sabow's Family on Pentagon Shooter: This Guy was a Nut

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WASHINGTON (CBS) The death of Marine Col. James Sabow figured heavily in John Patrick Bedell's anger and frustration with the United States government, according to internet posts linked to Bedell.

Photo: Col. James Sabow

PICTURES: John Patrick Bedell, Pentagon Shooter

On Thursday, Bedell allegedly opened fire on Pentagon police, wounding two and getting himself killed in the process. Soon after, Internet posts and Youtube videos linked to Bedell surfaced. In them he says that he wanted to see "justice served in the death Col. James Sabow," and saw getting to the truth about Sabow's death as a major step forward in getting to the "truth of events such as the September 11 demolitions."

Col. James Sabow was found by his wife on Jan. 22, 1991 in the backyard of his quarters at the Marine Corps Air Station in El Toro, Calif., south of Los Angeles. The Orange County Coroner ruled the death a suicide. His family believes he was murdered, according to Col. Sabow's brother, Dr. David Sabow.

Dr. Sabow told Crimesider on Friday that he believes his brother was killed by the military when he found out that the military was trading guns for drugs in Central America and threatened to blow the whistle.

"When he decided to do that he signed his own death warrant," Dr. Sabow said.

"Apparently [Bedell] attached himself to my brother's death," but, Dr. Sabow told Crimesider Friday, there was no connection between the family and Bedell.

"There are some things that drive [people] over the edge," Dr. Sabow said, before describing Bedell as "a nut."

PICTURES: John Patrick Bedell, Pentagon Shooter

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