What Marco Rubio is doing on April 13th

Screen grab of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio's website,

Florida Senator Marco Rubio has updated his website. It now proclaims, "A big announcement is coming! Will you be there?" The date, he told Fox News, is Apr. 13, as previously reported. But he was coy about what he would be announcing, saying only, "I will announce on April 13th what I'm going to do in terms of running for President or the U.S. senate. We're going to formally announce that on April 13th."

His website seems to suggest the former, but Rubio has some challenges ahead, since another prominent Floridian, former Governor Jeb Bush, is also considering running, and has been aggressively fundraising, hiring staff, and securing commitments from many of the same people who would have been approached by Rubio.