Maralyn The Latest Exile

010209 Maralyn "Mad Dog" Hershey, survivor
This week was a test of strength, endurance and ultimately resolve, and the latest Survivor cast member to be kicked out of the Outback is the one they call Mad Dog, CBS News Correspondent Manuel Gallegus reports. Maralyn Hershey, 52, was voted out by the tribal council in Thursday night's episode.

Maralyn was not favored to get the axe by the audience. Only 11 percent of those who took a non-scientific online survey thought Maralyn would be voted out, compared to 28 percent who thought Jerri would get the boot and 25 percent who thought Kimmi should go next. To take this week's poll, click here.

But Jenna Lewis — the ninth person to be voted off the island in the first Survivor show — doesn't think the new group is all that tough.

"They have salt? They have salt and flour?" Lewis said incredulously. "What is that?"

Watching Survivor with her is fun. It makes you feel like an insider. From her, you get a sense of just how hungry — figuratively and literally — the new players are.

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"When I got food, it was amazing," she said. "When you hunger for seven, eight days going — I was there for 27 days — you're starving. Food has never tasted so good."

Lewis doesn't like Jerri or Jeff. She thinks they're negative.

"Your true self will show through," she explained. "I think he (Jeff) is trying to be a Sue, so he gets his screen time."

She can tell alliances have already formed.

"It's a lot meaner now," Lewis said, "but they know they're going to have to form alliances and sub-alliances to protect themselves, so they're very much aware."

As for sex, she swears it just didn't happen in the first show — and shouldn't in this one.

"Romance was not on my mind. It wasn't on anyone's min. It wasn't on my agenda," she said. "As soon as you land, there may be an attraction, but then as you get to know them, you may not have that same attraction ... You may be turned off by them."

"It's not a good way to let the others know about you, too," she said, "because you're aligning."

Tribal Council wasn't easy, either, she said, because players are constantly counting off in their minds how many votes they have, or whether the votes they counted on have changed.

She thinks this group is a lot more aggressive. And, for right now, she thinks Nick will win.

The show pits two "tribes" against each other in Australia. Each week, one of the tribes votes off a member, and the event winner gets $1 million. The first contest was won by Rhode Island corporate trainer Richard Hatch, who received $1 million.