Manhattan's 'Thelma and Louise' Robbers Land Plea Deal, No Jail Time

(NY Daily News/Hermann)
Manhattan's 'Thelma and Louise' Robbers Land Plea Deal, No Jail Time
Jessica Joyner and Jennifer Jones after 2008 court appearance (NY Daily News/Hermann)

NEW YORK (CBS) Two pill-popping, kleptomaniacs tagged as a modern day 'Thelma and Louise' evaded major sentencing in a Manhattan Supreme Court Tuesday, according to local news reports.

Jessica Joyner, 42, and Jennifer Jones, 33, didn't hit the road and head to Mexico, but according to police the duo allegedly posed as prospective buyers, touring multimillion-dollar Manhattan apartments, then would work as a team to swipe lavish goods, according to The New York Daily News.

Prosecutors agreed Tuesday to drop larceny charges against Joyner on grounds that she completes a year of counseling and attend an anti-shoplifting program, the paper reported.

Jones, her partner in crime, previously landed a similar deal and admitted to stealing jewelry, furs and other luxurious items during various open houses in Oct. and Nov. of 2007, according to the Daily News.

According to their pleas, the two Upper East Side Manhattanites' affinity for stealing goods stemmed from an apparent prescription drug habit, the paper reported.

The sticky-fingered duo also pleaded guilty to pulling the same scam at three residences in up-scale Saddle River, N.J. They were sentenced in N.J. to probation until 2011, according to the Daily News. If they manage to keep their hands on their own things, charges in New York will be dismissed in six months and sealed after two years, states the paper.

Joyner, a divorcee, "didn't need the money," according to her lawyer Marc Agnifilo. She reportedly owns a $645,000 home in the Hamptons, while Jones, formerly of Southampton, L.I., allegedly argues with her Upper East Side neighbors about her prediliction for leaving her cigarette butts everywhere, states the Daily News.