Mandy Moore: The Anti-Paris?

On the same day that Paris Hilton made her much-heralded exit from jail, the super-wholesome Mandy Moore stopped by our studio to chat about her new movie, "License to Wed."

We talked about how Mandy has been in the business for so long, getting her first record deal at the ripe old age of 14. And while other young starlets have found trouble with the law and substance abuse, Mandy is one of the few who has steered clear of such exploits.

She credits this achievement to her family upbringing. She's the middle child in the family and still shares her Los Angeles home with her two brothers! Mandy told me she still feels incredibly lucky to be acting and singing, and wouldn't do anything to jeopardize that.

Make no mistake, Mandy has felt heartache just like the next girl, even undergoing a public breakup with actor Zach Braff. In her new album, "Wild Hope," she sings about depression and heartbreak -- and told me that making the album was a really cathartic experience. She has a way of addressing heavy issues without being bitter or destructive to herself or others, and I think she's a good example for my daughters.

With so many young stars making headlines for the wrong reasons, Mandy Moore is a celebrity that your kids can actually look up to.