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Man with "COPSLIE" license plate loses primary in N.H.

ROCHESTER, N.H. - Human's race ended in defeat.

A candidate who legally changed his name to human - with a lowercase "H'' - lost his bid to run for office in New Hampshire on Tuesday.

The man formerly known as David Montenegro lost a primary contest to incumbent Democratic state Rep. Rose Marie Rogers by a count of 181-30.

Montenegro changed his name in 2012. He made headlines this year when the state's highest court ruled he could have a vanity license plate that reads COPSLIE. He had sued after the Division of Motor Vehicles said he couldn't have the plate because it denigrated police officers.

"If I could condense all of the problems that I've seen in New Hampshire government down to a single sound bite small enough to fit on a license plate, 'COPSLIE' would be it," human told CBS Boston in November 2013.

The winner of the primary race, Rep. Rogers, is also human. She was first elected in 2012 and represents Rochester, a city of about 30,000 residents.