Man uses GoPro to record wife in labor, rush to hospital

GoPro cameraman records surprise birth of his... 02:04

We've all seen the footage shot on those tiny GoPro cameras. They transport us to some spectacular moments that seem larger than life, and even as big as, well, life itself, CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller reports.

Troy Dickerson was driving his wife pregnant Kristin to a Houston hospital. She was riding in the front passenger seat and was already in labor. The entire event was captured on Troy's head-mounted GoPro.

Troy tried to keep his wife calm with some comedic levity.

"I'll deliver the baby," he said.

Troy remained relaxed as the couple approached the hospital.

"I wasn't really panicky at the time, because again I thought we had plenty of time and there wasn't gonna be any issue with us getting to the hospital on time," Troy said.

Kristen, on the other hand, suddenly knew time was of the essence.

"I just told him, get me there," Kristen said. "One way or another get me there, cause I can tell something changed and I knew this baby was coming quickly."

The couple arrived at Texas children's hospital. A security guard pulled up a wheelchair, but it was too late.

"The head is coming out!" Kristen yelled.

The entire delivery took place in the hospital entrance.

"He felt the head and quickly realized the baby was coming, whether there were professionals there to help or not," Kristen said.

The Law family siblings pose with their newest addition, Truett CBS News

For a few moments the video freezes, but the audio continues. And when it picks back up, baby Truett makes his dramatic entrance into the world.

Kristin, Troy, and their new child finally make it up the elevator to their hospital room, all with the entire adventure to share.