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"Man Up!" premieres to lackluster reviews

From left, Jake Johnson, Teri Polo and Mather Zickel in a scene from ABC's "Man Up." ABC

(CBS) There comes a time in each guy's life that he has to grow up and become a man. For the cast of "Man Up!," that maturation period seems to have been put on hold for at least a couple decades.

Unfortunately, most critics felt that the show's tried-yet-true genre of men being boys failed to hit a comedic chord. ABC's new sitcom "Man Up!" only received a 39 out of 100 on ratings aggregate Metacritic, due to what most critics pointed out as an unfunny, overly used premise.

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"Man Up!," which premiered on Tuesday, revolves around Craig Griffith (show creator Christopher Moynihan), Will Keen (Mather Zickel), and Kenny Hayden (Dan Fogler). Still obsessed with video games and getting the girl that got away, they struggle with adult life because they lack the emotional and mental maturity to deal with the real world. Yet, the show creators want you to believe this is what real masculine men feel like living in a metrosexual world.

Many reviews made comparisons to the film "The Hangover" or even the HBO series "Entourage," but most agreed the show didn't bringing anything new to the male-bonding comedy genre.

TIME Magazine's James Poniewozik called the show "one of fall's manxiety sitcoms," pointing out that the show has promise if it would stop trying so hard. "And this sitcom could just develop into a watchable half-hour if the show decides to stop being a Statement About Men and just tries to be a sitcom about some guys," he wrote.

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