Man accused of stealing phone from woman killed by train surrenders

Surveillance video image from a Boston train station of a man accused of stealing a phone from a woman who was killed in a train crash, Thursday, Nov. 8, 2014

CBS Boston

BOSTON -- A man suspected of stealing a phone from a woman who was killed by a train has surrendered, reported CBS Boston.

Officials from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority told the station that Josue Gonzalez turned himself in Friday night and the woman's phone was recovered. On Monday, Gonzalez pleaded not guilty and was released on personal recognizance.

Earlier reports say that a woman was struck by a train while trespassing on the southbound side of the Downtown Crossing station and a witness had recovered the phone that had fallen from her purse.

Police also said that the video had shown the man stepping on the phone after the accident. He had watched the incident unfold and waited for the opportunity to take it, police told CBS Boston. Calling the crime "low" and "reprehensible," police released the suspect's photo on Friday, and distributed it through social media.

"Upon impact of the train, her phone was dislodged from her purse and landed on the platform," Sullivan told CBS Boston. "We believe that this individual witnessed that, and subsequent to that, scanned the area and when he felt it was safe to do so, he reached down, takes possession of the phone, puts it in his pocket and casually walks away."

"There could be things on that phone, pictures or what not, of very sentimental value to the [decedent's] family," said Sullivan. "It was important for us to get that phone back."