Man Stole Video Game from Casket of Pa. Car Crash Victim, Say Cops

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Man Stole Video Game from Casket of Pa. Car Crash Victim, Say Cops

PITTSBURGH (CBS/AP/KDKA) Police in Pennsylvania have arrested Jody Lynn Bennett, who they say stole a hand-held video game system and accessories from the casket of a teen who was killed in a Christmas Day SUV crash.

State police say they got an anonymous tip that enabled them to arrest the 37-year-old of Mentcle, on Wednesday. He was unable to post $15,000 bond and was jailed after his arraignment on charges including theft, abuse of a corpse, and intentional desecration of a venerated object.

Family and friends were paying their respects Monday night to 17-year-old Bradley McCombs at the Rairigh Funeral Home in Montgomery Township, about 65 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, reports CBS affiliate KDKA, when, according to police, Bennett stole a Gameboy and three games right out of the open casket.

Bennett took off after being confronted by family members.

Bennett's mother, Sharon, says her son has a drug problem. She apologized for his actions.