Man stole necklace off deceased woman, 98, in Mass. funeral home, police say

Police say a man went to the Prophett, Chapman, Cole & Gleason Funeral Home in Bridgewater, Mass., seen above, and stole a gold necklace off the body of a deceased 98-year-old woman.

(CBS) BRIDGEWATER, Mass. - A man claiming he was a relative of a deceased 98-year-old woman is accused of stealing jewelry off the body before her family began arriving for the funeral service, CBS Boston reports.

Bridgewater police say the director of the Prophett, Chapman, Cole & Gleason Funeral Home told them a man showed up there an hour before the woman's funeral service was set to begin last week, the station says.

The funeral director reportedly allowed the man to "say a prayer" alone with the woman's body.

After the man left, the funeral director noticed that an 18-inch gold rope chain with a heart pendant had been taken off the woman, according to CBS Boston.

The pendant was actually the wedding band of the woman's late husband that had been crafted into the shape of a heart.

The man has not been arrested or charged but Bridgewater police say they have a good idea of who the good-for-nothing is.