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Man robs Denver cupcake store with blood-filled syringe

Gigi's Cupcakes KCNC

(CBS/KCNC/AP) DENVER - Denver police say a man held up a cupcake store with a blood-filled syringe that he claimed was infected with AIDS.

The robbery happened at Gigi's Cupcakes last week, according to CBS station KCNC. The thief reportedly escaped with about $300 in cash

According to clerk Kendra Jackson, the suspect pulled out the syringe and threatened to stick a patron if another clerk didn't comply with his demands, reports KCNC.

"He had a syringe that he said was filled with blood that had been infected with AIDS, and he said he was going to stick her if he didn't open up the cash registers," Jackson reportedly said.

The same man had been seen panhandling in front of the store just minutes before he robbed the place, KCNC reports.

The robber took off on foot with the cash and no one was injured.

Police say they're still searching for the suspect.