Man returning homemade pipe bomb gets arrested at L.A. gun buyback event

Containers of collected guns sit at the Housing Department in Washington Tuesday May 9, 2000 during a news conference to discuss the department's BuyBack American initiative. Housing Secretary Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday that the initiative exceeded expectations for taking guns off city streets.
Some of the 1,200 firearms Los Angeles police say they collected at their sixth gun buyback event the weekend of May 4 and 5, 2013.
Robyn Beck/AFP/Ghetty Images, via CBS Los Angeles

(CBS/AP) LOS ANGELES - Police arrested a man attempting to turn in a homemade pipe bomb during the latest Los Angeles gun buyback event, CBS Los Angeles reports.

According to Police Chief Charlie Beck, the man told authorities he was prompted to turn in the device after a conversation with God.

The man said "God no longer wanted him to use that bomb to blow up the Hollywood sign, now he wanted him to turn it in," Beck told CBS Los Angeles.

While people can turn in guns to the police with no questions asked, the same standard does not hold for pipe bombs because they are illegal to make and possess, the chief said.

Police were able to safely detonate the device but have not yet released the man's name.

CBS Los Angeles reports that about 1,200 handguns, rifles, shotguns and assault weapons were turned in at the buyback event.