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Man Proposes on Brooklyn Bridge, Drops Ring

You might say Trey Turner popped the question - but dropped the ring.

Last week, Turner proposed to his girlfriend, Kelsey Kramer, on the Brooklyn Bridge. So you can understand why his hands may have been shaking a bit.

So shaky - Turner dropped the engagement ring. It clinked through the walkway they were on and, unbeknownst to them, landed on a construction shield below the walkway.

Kramer said "yes," but there was that business of the lost ring to attend to.

They called for help, and Doug Reese, an engineer on the bridge construction crew, went into action - and found the ring within minutes.

On "The Early Show," Turner, Kramwer and Reese told their story to co-anchor Erica Hill.

"I watched it and saw it fall and heard it, and immediately dropped to my hands and knees and was looking to try to find it, and it was just disbelief, you know," Turner said. "And somewhere in there, (I) came up with some awesome pick-up line of. 'I just dropped my engagement ring off the Brooklyn Bridge. Will you marry me?' Or something along those lines!"

Kramer said all she could think of was what she could do to make Turner feel better.

And Reese shared that he "proposed to my wife on top of a Mayan pyramid in Mexico, and it went through my mind that, if I had dropped that, I would have been devastated and I thought how they must be feeling at that time. And I really wanted to find that ring for them. So, yeah, we made it our mission to to go out there and find that ring."

And find it, he did.

To see the complete interview, click on the video below:

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