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Man makes son run to school for being kicked off bus for bullying

ROANOKE, Va. -- A father in Virginia who said his son was kicked off the bus for three days for bullying made him run to school instead -- in the rain. The father advocated for "old school, simple parenting" in several Facebook videos that show the boy running, The Raycom News Network (RNN) reports.

Bryan Thornhill's Facebook Live video, recorded while driving behind his son, was viewed more than 1.6 million time. Thornhill said they joke that the boy will either be fast or obedient, but "so far we're working on fast." 

Thornhill also shared video of his son's second and third morning jogs, along with parenting advice. 

"If you get your panties in a wad seeing a kid jog, well I feel sorry for you," he said. "You probably need a lap or two." 

A third video shows the boy's sister trying to run with him. The boy leaves his dad far behind. 

"Welcome to 'you better listen to your dad 2018,'" Thornhill said in a video that was posted to -- and has since been removed from -- Facebook.

"Ironically, since he's been running to school this week, his behavior's been much better. Teachers have approved of his behavior this week. He hasn't gotten in trouble this week, where last week, he was just absolutely out of his mind," Thornhill said in a video, according to RNN.

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