Man killed in NYC as storms pummel Northeast

(CBS News) BROOKLYN, N.Y. - A severe and widespread storm system knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses overnight.

The fast-moving line of storms stretched from Texas to Connecticut.

At the height of Thursday's storms, more than 200,000 customers in three states were without power.

In Brooklyn, a bolt of lightning struck one of the steeples atop Christ's Church. The steeple caved into the sanctuary, sending debris including large stones down the side of the church. A 61 year old man who was passing by was struck and killed.

In Manhattan, more dramatic lightning strikes and heavy rain, as a line of fast-moving and powerful storms raced across more than half the country.

In Elmira, N.Y., trees and power lines are down, and a roof was shredded after a possible tornado touched down.

The severe weather stretched around New York to parts of Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Jersey and the Ohio River Valley.

In Cleveland, four workers were hurt when high winds nearly blew them off their scaffolding. At 10 stories in the air, they were forced to smash the building's windows to get to safety.

One inch of hail was reported, and streets are flooded in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio.

Thursday's storms are strikingly similar to the ones that battered the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic last month.

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