Man Killed At Rhames' House Identified

Actor Ving Rhames attends the "Mission: Impossible III" premiere in Harlem hosted by BET at the Magic Johnson Theatres May 3, 2006 in New York.
Getty Images/Bryan Bedder
Authorities have identified the man who died in a dog attack at the home of actor Ving Rhames.

Jacob Adams was 40 and had been living on Rhames' property in Brentwood, California, for about 2 years as a caretaker for the actor's dogs.

The exact cause of the man's death remains unknown. Police have said Adams had numerous bite marks on his body and might have been mauled to death but the coroner says it's possible he might have died of heart failure.

Rhames, 46, who appeared in the "Mission Impossible" series of films, wasn't at home when the attack occurred.

Authorities have seized three bull mastiffs and an English bulldog.