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Man driving to AA meeting killed by alleged drunk driver

SOMERSWORTH, N.H. -- A recovering alcoholic on his way to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting was killed by an alleged drunk driver while riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle in Somersworth, N.H., reports CBS Boston.

Reed Hindle, 61, battled addiction his entire life, according to his family. His sister Meredith Patrick was helping her brother on the road to sobriety.

"Alcohol got to him in the end, but not by his own doing," Patrick told CBS Boston. "I just see all these things, important things falling into line and then gone. It's awful."

Hindle's family said he struggled. He had demons, moved frequently and had trouble holding down a job. But things started to look up for him in the last few years.

Hindle had even reconnected with his daughter Nicole Kearbey, who says her father was making amends.

"My father worked so hard to be a better person, to be not 'that' person," she said. "He loved his motorcycles and was loving being at peace."

Scott Berry. CBS Boston.

But that all came to an end after his encounter with an accused drunk driver. CBS Boston reports that police say 57-year-old Scott Berry was behind the wheel of the pickup truck that struck and killed Hindle.

According to police, Berry said he drank three beers and smoked some marijuana before the accident.

Family and friends tell CBS Boston they now believe Berry is someone Hindle may have been able to help. After he got sober, family and friends say Hindle dedicated his life to helping others.

"He needs help just like my brother did, because my brother very easily could have done the same thing," said his sister.

It wouldn't be the first time Hindle had helped someone in need.

Scene of the accident that killed Reed Hindle. CBS Boston

Rick Gerbrands tells CBS Boston he credits Hindle with encouraging him to stay in recovery.

"One of the first nights I met him early in my recovery. He put his hand out and said welcome. He made me feel welcome," said Gerbrands, who would have seen Hindle at an AA meeting this week. The AA group help a moment of silence for Hindle.

Hindle's family now hopes his death sends a strong message about the dangers of drinking and driving, and his decision to take a different road.

Berry is jailed on drunken driving and negligent homicide charges. He is being held on $10,000 bail.

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