Man demands citizen’s arrest, pepper sprays college prof.

LANHAM, Md. - A man walked into a classroom at George Mason University's Arlington, Va. campus, demanded a citizen's arrest of the law professor teaching the course, and proceeded to pepper spray him in the face, police say.

Twelve to 15 people, including the professor, were evaluated by medics after reporting residual effects from the pepper spray.

An off-duty police officer who is also a student at the college heard the commotion from outside Wednesday afternoon and got involved in the conflict, according to Arlington County Police Department spokesman Dustin Sternbeck. Police say 31-year-old Jonathan Pendleton of Alexandria fled but was intercepted by other officers.

Pendleton was charged with abduction and assault with a caustic material and is being held pending a preliminary hearing next month. He is not a student, Sternbeck says.

Investigators also say Pendleton and the unidentified professor do not know each other.

The suspect also had a stun gun on him during the attack but did not use it or threaten to use it, according to police.