Man Complains to Cops About Prostitute - Wanna Guess What Happened to Both of Them?

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MANKATO, Minn. (CBS/AP) A Minnesota man wasn't happy with what he got from a prostitute for his $200.

He called the cops to complain.

Now, they're both behind bars.

Authorities say a 26-year-old man called police from the Super 8 motel in Mankato Wednesday and told officers he agreed to pay a woman for sex, but that she took the cash without holding up her end of the deal (there's a nice way of putting it).

Officers tracked down the woman after the jilted john gave police a description of her vehicle. Both the man and woman soon found themselves in the Blue Earth County Jail.

The Mankato Free Press says that besides prostitution and disorderly conduct citations, police issued a third misdemeanor charge to the alleged prostitute - for doing business without a peddler's permit.

Some days it doesn't pay to stay in bed.