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Man Caves Out of the Garage, Into Bedroom

A man's sanctuary -- known as a man cave -- is now expanding to the bedroom, thanks to a new line of beds and mattresses designed to make any guy's dreams that much sweeter.

David Gregg, senior editor of, presented some of the hottest guy-friendly beds hitting the market.

But these beds do come at a price, Gregg said. The beds listed below start at $30,000.

The Elite Safe-T Bed by Hollandia International:
Gregg said, this bed has everything: a state-of-the-art Sony Bravia Theater System that contains a Retractable 32" Flat Panel HDTV, a DVD/CD Changer, Five Speaker Surround Sound System, Subwoofer and i-Pod Docking Station. In addition to all these cool features, Gregg said, it also has a very high quality latex mattress -- the highest quality material to assure point-to-point support and plush comfort. Plus, Gregg said, a "Flexible Shoulder Zone" accommodates side sleepers by adjusting to improve blood flow and eliminate numbing and tingling. He added you can also choose your color and fabric.

The Executive Bed by Hollandia International:
Gregg explained this bed also features a 32" Sony flat screen TV, and has a high-quality mattress. It also features a Flexible Shoulder Zone to accommodate side sleepers by adjusting to improve blood flow and eliminate numbing and tingling, Gregg said. Again, he said, you can choose your fabric and colors.

Tonino Lamborghini bed by Magniflex:
Italian mattress maker Magniflex teamed up with the car company Lamborghini to design a mattress aimed at men who love sports cars. The $2,000 mattress, which made its debut at a recent home-furnishings trade show in Las Vegas in September, features the auto maker's logo and signature colors.

Gregg added, "This is sure to grab the attention of any car lover."

The Ultimate Mattress by Dormia:
This mattress, made by Dormia, Gregg explained, has cool-mattress technology with an outer layer made of a breathable, three-dimensional material, and a layer that's supposed to permit air flow between one's body and the foam in the mattress, keeping the body cooler.

Women may also enjoy the mattress, as well, Gregg said, because the mattress has a heating/cooling technology that will figure out if your body is warm or cold. A lot of women ask if the mattress is going to be cold, Gregg said, but this mattress is designed to absorb excess body heat or warm the body up, depending on the sleeper's core body temperature.