Man calls 911, asks for priest

generic 911 call
(CBS) BURBANK, Calif. - A California man called 911 over the weekend to speak to a priest.

According to CBS Los Angeles, police say the Burbank man dialed the emergency number Sunday night and asked to talk to a man of the cloth because he wanted to make a confession.

Burbank police Sgt. Darin Ryburn said Jonathon Killy, 32, made the request for a priest, which police could not accommodate, but officers were sent to his home.

"When the officers arrived, the individual admitted that he'd been using marijuana and methamphetamine for about a year and that he had a bag of methamphetamine inside his apartment," Sgt. Ryburn said.

Ryburn said Killy told officers that buying the meth every week was very expensive, according to CBS Los Angeles.

"We receive calls about confessions, but not a confession for possession of methamphetamine. He did admit to it and, obviously, he needed help," Ryburne said.

Killy, who wasn't under the influence when he made the call, is being held on $10,000 bail.