Man Bites Ear: You Have to Hear It to Believe It

Ronnie Brown, left, Mangled Ear, right (NY Daily News)
Gobble, Gobble: "Drag-Terrorist" Bites Off Model's Ear
Ronnie Brown, left; Mangled Ear, right (NY Daily News)

NEW YORK (CBS) Ear-ye, Ear-ye!

It might be hard to look, but self-proclaimed NYC "drag-terrorist" James Leahy lived up to his title Sunday night, when he allegedly bit off the ear lobe of model Ronnie Brown during a nightclub altercation, reported the Daily News.

Apparently, a scuffle occurred between the two after Leahy, who also goes by the alias Jane Lane, confronted Brown when  he saw the model speaking with a friend of Leahy's who Brown once dated.

In a letter to Gawker, Brown stated, "While speaking to my ex, Jane (Leahy) starts saying obscene things to me. I told him he was a liar and he then threw a glass in my face leaving me scarred on my right side. Then the confrontation started."

And in sheer cannibalistic form that would make the likes of Hannibal Lector and Mike Tyson salivate, Leahy allegedly chomped off a sizeable portion of Brown's ear lobe.

"I reached for my ear and it was not there," a frantic Brown told the Daily News. "It looks like a dog mangled it."

Brown was fortunate enough that someone found the missing "ear-piece," iced it and rode with him to the hospital where it was later reattached, he stated in his letter.

Leahy, an events promoter for Aids Walk New York, is a prominent figure on the New York City nightlife scene. He's noted for a flair for the dramatic when it comes to his flamboyant outfits and extravagant make-up.

According to the Daily News, Leahy was arrested and arraigned Tuesday in Manhattan Criminal Court and faces felony assault charges that could send him to prison for up to 25 years if convicted.