Man bites dog in Wilmington, NC, cops say

A dog with the Wilmington, N.C. police K-9 unit, above, was bitten by a shooting suspect on Monday, June 18, 2012.

(CBS) WILMINGTON, N.C. - Yes, a man really did bite a dog - a police dog, at that - during a struggle Sunday in Wilmington, N.C.

Police said the 'dog biter' was wanted in connection with a recent shooting, and had just been chased down by a K-9 named Maxx, reports the StarNewsONLINE.

Travis Keith Glaspie, 22, was charged with assaulting a law enforcement animal after he allegedly sunk his teeth into the dog's ear, tearing it to the point that doctors had to stitch it back together, said Lucy Crockett, a Wilmington police spokeswoman.

The confrontation began Sunday afternoon when police received information that Glaspie had been sighted. When officers closed in on him, he ran away, Crockett said.

The foot chase ended when the K-9 apprehended the suspect, wrestling him as Glaspie bit into the dog's ear. Glaspie was also bitten during the confrontation and received medical care at a local hospital before police transported him to the New Hanover County jail, where he was booked under a more than $1 million bond, Crockett said.

The biting is just one of three crimes police have pinned on Glaspie this month, StarNewsONLINE reported.

A man and women were sitting in a car Friday night when Glaspie allegedly rode by on a bicycle and fired two shots into the vehicle. The rounds struck the rear door and the front tire but neither occupant was injured. The male victim later told police Glaspie likely opened fire because the two had recently been in an altercation.

Also, Glaspie is charged with leading police on a car chase on June 5 after officers attempted to pull him over. After a brief pursuit, Glaspie jumped out of the car and ran into a house. Once officers formed a perimeter around the house, a relative walked Glaspie outside and he surrendered. Police booked him into jail but he posted bond and was released.

And that's how this eventually came to be a 'man bites dog' story.