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Man arrested for feeding pigeons near Calif. airport

Man arrested for feeding pigeons by Calif. airport
Charles Douglas CBS/KCAL

(CBS/KCAL) BURBANK - A California bird lover repeatedly warned about feeding pigeons near the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank could face charges for violating a court order. Police say 59-year-old Charles Douglas was arrested early morning Friday at his job.

"Douglas had continued to disperse bird seed in an alley and in parking areas near the Bob Hope Airport despite repeated warnings and citation," Burbank police officer Joshua Kendrick told CBS station KCAL.

According to police, Douglas had been cited and warned since September. However, he insists that he stopped feeding his winged friends after the city took him to court last December.

"I stopped when the judge said to stop feeding for one year any type of bird," Douglas told KCAL.

Birds that get sucked into jet engines can cause catastrophic damage to the turbines.

"It is very important to address situations like this, as there has been a significant increase in incidents of these air strikes in the last few months," Victor Gill of the Bob Hope Airport said to the station.

Southwest Airlines reported several bird strikes at Bob Hope Airport recently.

Douglas, a business owner, was arrested under a municipal code that prevents anyone from creating any sort of nuisance. Feeding birds in the city of Burbank, however, is not illegal.

He has since posted a $5,000 bond.