Man And Woman To Kickbox

A man and woman plan to fight in a near anything-goes kickboxing match Thursday, and the mayor wants to stop it.

"I don't like kickboxing in the first place and kickboxing between a man and a woman, I really don't like that," Mayor Wayne Brown told The Tribune.

Tom Proctor, who helped arrange the fight, said the city won't be able to stop it.

"There is nothing they can do. They're not illegal," the owner of Absolute Martial Arts in Mesa said.

Bill FitzGerald, a spokesman for the Maricopa County Attorney's Office, agreed. He thinks the bout does not appear to violate state law.

The match between 24-year-old Sunshine Fettkether and 39-year-old Randy Pittman is to be the main event of Cage Wars II, an 11-card show featuring amateurs in boxing, karate, wrestling and street fighting.

The kickboxers will wear gloves similar to boxing gloves and fight in accordance to Muay Thai rules, which permit punches and kicks to the head and body.

The fight is scheduled for three two-minute rounds or until one fighter is knocked out.

This would be the second man vs. woman bout this month. On Oct. 10 in Seattle, Margaret McGregor dominated Loi Chow for four rounds. That was believed to be the first time a man fought a woman in a sanctioned boxing match.

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