Man admits pointing AK-47 at kids who may have stolen candy

Orrin Hager pleaded guilty to pointing an AK-47 assault rifle at a group of kids he suspected of stealing Halloween candy from his own child
CBS Minnesota
(CBS) MINNEAPOLIS - When a Minnesota father suspected some kids had stolen Halloween candy from one of his own children, he chased after them, and pointed an AK-47 in their direction.

On Monday, Orrin Hager pleaded guilty to one felony count of second-degree assault for the incident, and could get up to seven years in prison, CBS Minnesota reported.

According to the Henenpin County Attorney's Office, Hager pulled up to a group of kids last November, who said Hager yelled at them and then got out of his car to confront them.

That's when he pointed the AK-47 at the children. He told them he pulled out the assault rifle because he thought the kids weren't taking him seriously, CBS Minnesota reported.

Hager's attorney initially told the station his client never pointed a gun at anyone, but regretted the confrontation.

Hager will be sentenced on Feb. 26.