Malin Akerman on "Trophy Wife," motherhood and films

If you've seen "27 Dresses" or "Rock of Ages," then you know Malin Akerman. The actress, who has also graced the big screen in "Couples Retreat" and "The Proposal," will for the first time this fall lead the cast of a TV series.

Starting in September, Akerman will be seen in the new ABC comedy "Trophy Wife," portraying Kate, a reformed party girl who finds herself an insta-family after falling in love with a man who has three children and two ex-wives.

"Our cast is incredible," Akerman said about "Trophy Wife," which co-stars Marcia Gay Harden, Bradley Whitford and Michaela Watkins. "I think it's pretty relatable," she added. "It's about broken-up families and me coming in as a third wife -- a little younger -- dealing with two ex-wives and three kids' parent/teacher nights that I've never had to deal with before."

Akerman told the timing of the TV show feels right, especially because of her new-mom status -- she gave birth to her first child, a baby boy named Sebastian, in April. "With the new baby I will be able to come home and tuck him into bed at nights, be home on the weekends," Akerman said, comparing TV to films, which tend to involve a lot of travel.

When asked if she had any advice for new moms, Akerman said, "I think the best advice is to not listen to too much advice. We all have an innate motherly instinct and I think you should listen to your gut when it comes to your child. I think too much information just muddles your head up...I think it's important to just be present and to go with the gut."

Malin Akerman teams with Muller yogurt.

Meanwhile, the new mom said she has made a conscious effort to get back to her pre-baby weight, with a combination of working out and eating healthy. When it comes to exercise, Akerman, 35, thinks it's important to keep your muscles guessing by changing up the routine and teaming up with a friend for fun activities. And she likes to do "a bunch of small meals" throughout the day -- with smart snack choices. One of her go-to items? Yogurt. The actress recently helped launch Muller yogurt's new flavors, including Mango, Orange and Pineapple Passion Fruit. "It's yogurt with a fruit mousse on top, so it actually feels like you're indulging but you're actually being really nutritious -- and you're getting your calcium and protein," said Akerman.

Check out the video above to find out more about Akerman's diet and exercise routine, her new film role as Blondie singer Debbie Harry and more on "Trophy Wife."