Male Penguin Couple Splits Over Female

Harry and Pepper, the male couple in the San Franciso Zoo that broke up over a female penguin
A romantic triangle has led to hurt feelings and a nasty breakup at the San Francisco Zoo.

Its same-sex penguin couple, Harry and Pepper, has split -- over a female, according to CBS station KPIX-TV in the City by the Bay.

The two had been together for six years. They nested together and incubated an egg laid by another penguin.

Zookeepers say, earlier this year, a female penguin named Linda became friends with Harry, after Linda's longtime companion died. That didn't go over well with Pepper, and led to a violent confrontation between Pepper and Harry.

Zoo officials kept the three penguins separated until recently.

They say Harry and Linda are now a happy couple and have successfully nested this year.