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Making Wedding Plans on the Web

Two of the best web sites that can help are and, which now has a partnership deal with Bride's Magazine. WeddingChannel President Raj Dhaka says while you can't buy a wedding gown online, kind of hard to try them on that way, you can browse through a wide variety of styles. But the best new feature on the site is the free personal wedding page you can create....

"We now have a planning system where you have an interactive calendar where if you give us your date, we insert three hundred steps you need to accomplish whether it's an 18 month time frame or 6 month time frame. Hopefully, it won't be six months, you'll have a lot of work to do. And from that point, it's tied in with email reminders that go out to you everyday to remind you what you need to do. We've set up an address book and a guest management tool that allow you to track all the guests that are coming. Who is invited, how many people are they bringing, when they send you the gifts, you know who sent you the gifts. You can track your thank you notes and everything."

Both the WeddingChannel and The Knot, have online bridal registries as well.

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