Making Travel With Luggage Hassle-Free

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The Burns family of Yorba Linda, Calif., is packing up for a trip to the Big Apple - one of several vacations they've taken already this year, CBS News correspondent Sandra Hughes reports.

"The girls love to pack a lot, but they don't like to carry it," says Kristen Burns.

And the family has learned some hard lessons about losing what they've packed. Like Dad's trip last month to Pennsylvania.

"He was having an asthma attack and I asked him where his inhaler was," Burns said. "And he said, 'it's in Florida.'"

So for this trip, they're bypassing the airline check-in process. They're using a company called Baggage Quest to pick up and ship their luggage ahead of time.

"I'd rather pay a little extra money to ensure a good trip and ease of trip," Clint Burns said.

Baggage Quest founder Dave Williams says two years ago when he started the business, he shipped 2,000 bags. This year, he'll ship 25,000.

"In my opinion, the airlines are understaffed and overwhelmed with the work right now," Williams said.

At least half a dozen companies now exist that offer door-to-door luggage service, in addition to the option of using UPS or Federal Express.

Cost depends on company, luggage weight, destination and shipping time. To ship a 20-pound bag from Los Angeles to New York City, expect to pay between $75 and $110 dollars for a three-to-five day delivery.

And to ship that same bag overnight, the cost would be double.

"It was great," Clint Burns said. "It was great. It was worth it."

The Burns family says it's money well-spent for hassle-free holiday travel.