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Making Memories, Costumes, With Your Kids

With the economy in a big mess, the thought of spending a small fortune on your kids' Halloween costumes can be pretty frightening.

So, on The Early Show Saturday Edition, FamilyFun magazine Contributing Editor Deb Geigis Berry shared some great ideas on ways to create your own costumes, saving money and having fun at the same time. They were all inexpensive and easy to make, and they ranged from cute to downright creepy!

"There's a reason to do it besides saving money," she told co-anchor Chris Wragge. "One of the biggest stories of Halloween is working with your child on a costume. Those are the memories that are gonna last a lot longer than after the candy's gone."

The costumes shown were:

MP-Me Player

Lego Man


Rockin' Sushi Roll

Windy Day Boy

Frank's Monster

Also: Three Rock Stars, wearing their own clothing, with scarves, hats, sunglasses and homemade guitar and micriophones.