Making Headlines: The Law, Summer 2007

Lawyer Andrew Cohen analyzes legal affairs for CBS News and

A Midsummer night's dream (or, 10 headlines I'd like to see but probably won't)

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resigns, James Comey named successor;
Pledges "return of professionalism and independence" to Justice Department

In unusual deal with lawmakers, Gonzales says he'll leave "public service";
Vows return to Texas in exchange for immunity from perjury prosecution

Executive privilege fight avoided by compromise in U.S. Attorney probe;
White House officials to testify under oath in private about prosecutor purge

U.S. closes controversial, expensive Guantanamo Bay detention facility;
Feds establish new "terrorism" court system to handle remaining suspects

Congress overrides Bush veto on new warrantless surveillance rules;
New legislation provides more oversight over White House programs

Supreme Court stays all executions nationwide pending procedural review;
Justices suggest detailed, uniform rules governing lethal injection protocols

Supreme Court blocks campaign advertisements in judicial races nationwide;
Justices say free speech concerns trumped by need for decorum, independence

Congress passes new federal "shield law" protecting reporter's privilege;
President vows to sign legislation; Justice Department pledges cooperation

Congress, White House agree on new system for judicial appointments;
Deal will break confirmation logjam; restore vital personnel to courts

Presidential candidates pledge to focus on makeup of High Court;
GOP and Dems will debate role of Justices in run-up to 2008 vote

Cable networks vow to end all coverage of "celebrity" legal gossip;
Lohan, Hilton depart California for exile on island near Arctic Circle