Makeup Artist Lacks Tough Makeup

This story was written by's Stephen Smith

The third week of "Survivor: Guatemala" began with a picture of calm.

A tranquil mist enveloped the jungle. Monkeys scurried playfully through the forest. A Mayan flute could be heard whistling in the background.

The serenity would not last past the opening credits, and when the jungle cacophony ended 60 minutes later, 21-year-old Brianna Varela was banished from the Mayan ruins.

It got loud early. The screams of a stray monkey echoed throughout camp, disrupting sleep and ruffling the feathers of Judd. "It's the most annoyingest noise I've ever heard in my entire life," he said.

Cindy, a zookeeper, scoffed. It's Guatemala, there will be monkeys and there will be screaming, she reasoned.

Brian, meanwhile, made bragging noises. He smirked proudly when reflecting on Morgan's demise a week earlier. "That was 100 percent me," he said. "I engineered Morgan's ouster."

The verbal barking continued at the first challenge. Amid the Mayan ruins, the Yaxha and Nakum tribes were instructed to build architectural tents... blindfolded.

Gary yelled orders to his sightless Yaxha teammates: "Run 90 degrees!"

Alas, his quarterback audible skills fell on deaf ears as Nakum won the challenge and with it, pillows, lanterns, blankets, and fuel, among other "comfort" items.

Delirious from victory (and searing temperatures), Nakum teammates Brandon and Judd ignored warnings of alligators and jumped into the lagoon waters to cool off. Zookeeper Cindy cautioned against it.

"The brave may not live long but the cautious don't live at all," said Brandon.

Personalities continued to clash among Nakum members. As the tribe tried to assemble a canopy, Margaret took issue with Bobby Jon's and Judd's execution.

"No one's gonna tell me what do," said Judd. On second thought: "Except my boss and wife."

Back at Camp Yaxha, the tribe grew tired of corn. Eager to mix it up, Rafe and Gary ate termites. "They taste good," said Rafe. "Better than ants."

Fueled by termite protein, Yaxha headed to the immunity challenge: Mayan basketball. Tribes would compete 3-on-3, on an elevated, netted court.

Rafe played rough. Danni played well. And host Jeff Probst played meteorologist.

"Temperature update: 114 degrees!" Probst announced proudly as the sweaty competitors keeled over in exhaustion.

When it was over, Amy had sprained her ankle and Nakum had won. Yaxha was sent back, for the second week in a row, to tribal council.

The tribe was clearly frustrated by its lack of athleticism. The physically inferior competitors were once again on the chopping block. Would it be Lydia, who narrowly escaped the week before? What about Amy, who was hobbled by the rigors of Mayan hoops? Or Gary who, despite his physical prowess, had some wondering whether he was being truthful about his past?

No. It would be Brianna Varela, a makeup artist who had annoyed some teammates with her lack of physical makeup.

"You're a girly girl," said Jamie as he cast his vote for Brianna.

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