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Make your phones last with personalized Phonebloks

(CBS News) Dave Hakkens has come up with a cell phone concept that would allow you to actually keep your phone for more than a year. Shocking! As he explains in the YouTube video above, smartphones normally die due to a single component that needs to be fixed. However, his Phonebloks idea, would allow you to operate on your phone just by replacing Lego-like blocks that make it up. It's actually quite brilliant, and the idea is blowing up on the Web, in fact his site crashed from the number of visitors it received.

Now again, this is just a concept, and finding carriers will be a difficult prospect, as phone manufacturers (especially everyone's favorite Apple iPhone) count on you getting the latest and greatest version almost every year. But if you could fix and customize your own phone, it would discontinue the need for endless replacement phones. For example, if you break your screen, you can simply replace it. If your battery craps out, then just plug in another. Imagine that!? Not having to make an appointment with the Apple Genius bar for them to simply hand you a new phone -- instead, you are your own genius.

Creating a phone just for your needs and interests is a really forward-thinking idea. For example, people who don't care about on-device storage, they can get set up with a bigger battery. For photo buffs, they can attach a higher-quality camera. Every part is adjustable and replaceable, so what you want and what you need is exactly what you can get. While I feel like this product is a bit of a pipe dream, I do hope to see if come to fruition in the near future.

What do you think? Does this type of phone interest you? Would you be willing to put down your iPhone for your own building-block phone?