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Make Watching Super Bowl Super

The Super Bowl is one of the must-watch TV events of the year, and can be a complete viewing experience.

On The Early Show Tuesday, CNET-TV Senior Editor Natali Del Conte had super ways to make watching the big game as good as it can be, for the serious living room fan, showcasing some high-tech gadgets providing premiere ways to watch.

She also showed those who don't want to purchase anything how to make the best of what they already have:

THE SERIOUS SPLURGE: Panasonic 65 Inch Premiere

This model is the Ferrari of televisions, and it only began shipping last week. It is sold only through really high end retailers, and cannot yet be ordered on line. It has a professional studio quality monitor, and has the richest black detail of any other TV on the market. The plasma technology offers clear motion reproduction, deeper blacks, and a wider viewing angle.
Price: $9,995
There is no CNET review yet for this model.

THE MORE AFFORDABLE: Vizio 37 Inch Television

This model is not only affordable for a flat-panel TV, it gets great reviews from technological sites and magazines. It has accurate grayscale and primary colors. This model also has one of the most important thing that you should ALWAYS look for in an HDTV-it has lots of HDMI ports. This one has three in fact, and one PC output. If you are looking for a solid and advanced LCD at a decent price, this is the one you are looking for.
Price: $730
To see a review of this model from CBS partner CNET, click here.


This is a device that is perfect for the serious Super Bowl watcher. It allows you to sream home TV to any mobile device with a broadband connection. So if you want to take your computer in the bathroom with you, you don't have to miss a thing. The Slingbox can also stream HD content into other TV's in your home, so your guests, or your friends in the kitchen can follow every moment. Connect to and control multiple video sources, including your DVR, digital cable, satellite receiver, and DVD player.
Price: About $290

BEST UNIVERSAL REMOTE: Logitech Harmony 1100 Universal Remote

This is the first almost entirely touch screen universal remote. It has the ability to customize the on screen buttons to meet your specific needs. It has web aided programming via Windows and Mac PC's. It is compatible with tens of thousands of devices. And at CES 2009 Best of Innovation Award in Home Entertainement, the second time for the Harmony line.
Price: $500


The economy is such that you might not have the extra money to delve into new devices to watch the Super Bowl. That's ok, electronics are expensive. But you might not know that there is a right way and a wrong way to set up your HDTV. As Natali Del Conte points out, the HDTV is an investment and you want to get it right to watch a big event like this.

First of all, it is important to put the TV at eye level to you WHEN YOU ARE SITTING. A lot of people will hang their flat screen high, but if you want it to be at it's best it is always best to position it at eye level from a sitting position.

Second, you might not know that there is a proper distance for your HDTV to be away from you. A good rule of thumb for everyone with a flat screen is to divide your screen size by four. The number you get is the number of feet you should sit for optimal viewing. So if your screen is 65 inches, and you divide that by four, which means your tv should be 16.25 feet from where you are sitting.

It is important to aim your tv screen possible. Do not put it by a bright lamp by the TV and to not face the TV towards a bright window.

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