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Make-Up For The Year 2000

Are you thinking about trying a new look for the millennium? The people who make cosmetics say that for the year 2000, shiny is the thing to be. CBS News Correspondent Julie Chen from CBS Station WCBS in New York reports.

You won't recognize any of the names at the sixth annual Health and Beauty show, but you almost certainly use some of their products.

This is the place where the makers of some of the most popular cosmetics show what they have that's new to cosmetic companies, which then market those products as their own, so it's where you'll find the next hot trends.

"The next hot color in make-up will be sparkle. Sparkle is so hot that it's been like this for about two years," says Roberta Burd from Lady Burd Cosmetics.

It's all in preparation for the millennium. There are pencils to provide glitter all over your skin, and sticks to make you glow with sparkle. Lipsticks start to look a lot like confetti. Bronze specks lend a touch of metallic sheen to an edgy blue lip color.

If you are not crazy about metallic colors, the experts recommend browns and purples when the ball drops later this year.

As for millennium nails, get ready for the French manicure of the future. Instead of cream or white tips, silver will be the shade to use.

"Especially since you're going to the millennium, you want to make something new, something jazzy, something futuristic, space age-like," says nail color expert Tracey Leacock.

And how about a mask for your nails? This new product promises to give your nails a whole new look if you wear it overnight.

In the never-ending battle against time, there are plenty of new products promising to make you look younger. More companies are coming out with facial firming gels that can temporarily tighten skin.

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