Maine cops seize SUV from father of Ayla Reynolds, missing Maine toddler

Ayla Reynolds

(CBS) WATERVILLE, Maine. - An SUV belonging to the father of missing 20-month-old Ayla Reynolds was seized by authorities Monday from the driveway of his home.

The Portland Press Herald reports that in the third day of the investigation, police said no one has been arrested in the case. Dozens of law enforcement officers, along with local residents, searched for the girl in the area surrounding her home.

Police seized the SUV and a second vehicle from the driveway at the home of Ayla's father, 24-year-old Justin DiPietro.

According to records from the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles, the SUV, with a U.S. Marine Corps sticker on the rear windshield, is registered to DiPietro. Officers also took a 2002 Hyndai, registered to a Portland woman whose name was not released.

During a news conference Monday, Police Chief Joseph Massey disclosed little new information, saying only that a neighbor had reported hearing a motor vehicle arrive at the girl's home Friday night.

Massey said there were several adults at DiPietro's home on Friday night as Ayla was put to bed. It is reported that at least one was not a family member.

Police have said there is a possibility the child was kidnapped.

Relatives of the missing toddler said Monday they were concerned about the girl's safety while she was staying with her father.

Ayla was reported missing by DiPietro Saturday morning when he called police to say she was not in her bed. .

According to Reynolds' stepsister Whitney Raynor, welfare agents had given Ayla over to her father weeks ago while her mother, Trista Reynolds, was in rehab for substance abuse.

Trista Reynolds is out of rehab and doing better. She went to court Thursday, a day before her daughter's disappearance, to try and regain sole custody, Raynor said. Reynolds also has a 7-month-old son.

Ayla, who is blonde, blue-eyed, and 2-feet-9 inches tall, was last seen Friday night wearing green one-piece pajamas with polka dots and the words "Daddy's Princess" on them. She also had a soft cast on her left arm.

Massey said about 75 officers, including game wardens specially trained in search and rescue, were working on the case.

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