Mail Order Mummy? Bolivian Cops Say Woman Tried To Ship Mummy, Now She's Under Wraps

Bolivian Cops Detain Woman Who Tried To Mail Mummy
(CBS/AP Photo, file)

LA PAZ, Bolivia (CBS/AP) Bolivian police say they've detained a woman who tried to mail a mummy to France.

And just in time for Halloween!

Police Col. Adolfo Cardenas said Tuesday a Peruvian woman tried to send the human remains from a post office in the town of Desaguadero near the Peruvian border.

The destination was in the French city of Compiegne.

The mummy was discovered in a routine check of the package - it seems like that wouldn't require much of a search.

Cardenas said he doesn't know how old the mummy is, but says it was well-preserved and may have been from the Inca culture.

Quite a setback for the mail-order mummy business.