Magnetic putty video is science made seriously cool

(CBS News)  First off, we're glad to be getting back to some semblance of normal again here at The Feed. And we happen to absolutely love all things viral and science-related. So when we come across a video demonstrating the fascinating properties of "magnetic putty", you just know it's going to be highlighted soon. As in right now. Check out science made seriously cool above.

The hypnotizing video was done in association with PBS Digital Studios and posted by Vimeo user Joey Shanks (aka Joe Schenkenberg), a special effects director with Movie Magic Now, who demonstrates on film some very unusual properties that magnetic putty has in a stylistic and visual manner. (Is anyone else looking up places where you can buy magnetic putty right now, too?) And to check out more great work by Joey Shanks, be sure to visit his website by clicking here.