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Madonna, Reeve Accidents Differ

Madonna was discharged from Salisbury District Hospital in southern England after breaking several bones in a horse-riding accident on her sprawling country estate, Ashcombe Manor.

The pop superstar was celebrating her 47th birthday with her husband, Guy Ritchie, and their two children, Lourdes and Rocco, when she fell off the horse at their 1,200-acre country estate in Wiltshire, outside London. She was riding with her assistant at the time.

Madonna sustained three cracked ribs, a broken collarbone, and a broken hand.

Ruth Hilton, show business editor of OK! Magazine,

The Early Show co-editor Hannah Storm Wednesday that Madonna was "recovering well with her husband and children by her side. And obviously, her team."

Hilton adds that, "Everyone has been incredibly worried about her, not the least, herself. Initially, you never know what this kind of accident might mean. Immediately, to all of us, thoughts of Christopher Reeve flashed up."

Reeve's fall from a horse paralyzed him, and he eventually died from complications related to his injuries.

"She was fully tested at a hospital a couple of hours outside of London, close to her estate. Doctors were satisfied with her condition, although she's in an awful lot of pain. … It looks like she's going to recover very well, providing she rests."

And that recovery is likely to be aided by Madonna's overall condition, Hilton points out: "I think the fact that she does a minimum of two hours of yoga and exercise a day is really helping. … Now, of all 47-year-olds on the planet, she's one of the best turned-out, most fit. And certainly the fact that she's a very fit person, a very spiritual person, I think will help her overcome this."

It appears Madonna is in for a six- to 12-week recovery period, Hilton notes.

Madonna has a tour not far down the road, and her performances are physically demanding with lots of dancing. She also has an album coming out.

"The album will definitely go ahead as planned," Hilton says. "Her team is pretty adamant that Madonna is the queen of the bounce backs. She is one of the most sturdy people in show business in terms of her career. She's worked very hard for it. If she can do that tour, she absolutely will keep to that. Her fans are hugely important to her."

Hilton observes that Madonna's new home, England, has shown "a huge amount of sympathy. The British newspapers are working very hard on being very supportiv of her.

"Britain loves poking fun at all of its favorite people. And Madonna is one of Britain's favorite people. Initially, of course, there are some raised eyebrows about the accident.

"But Britain loves Madonna, as the world loves Madonna. No one would wish such a horrible thing to befall her. The British people are waiting for her to get better as soon as possible."

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