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"Made In Jersey" star Janet Montgomery on "CTM"

(CBS News) Janet Montgomery, the star of the upcoming CBS show "Made in Jersey," plays a working class woman who becomes an attorney at a top New York City law firm.

In reality, however, Montgomery is British with a background in ballet. The actress told Gayle King that she studied up on iconic Jersey-based characters, like those in "The Sopranos," to hone her accent for the show. She also admitted to watching "Jerseylicious," for research purposes, she joked.

Montgomery says even though their accents are a world apart, she identifies closely with her character.

"She's a really strong, independent female who is not only smart but also has a real kind of humanity to her, so I think people really respond to her because she's not just your regular female lead," she said.

The actress also spoke with King about her tearful audition for Darren Aronofsky's "Black Swan," where the famed director had high -- even, Oscar-worthy -- praise for the up-and-coming actress. Watch the video above to hear what Aronofsky said to Montgomery.

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