"Mad Men" Survival Guide to Healthy Living

jon hamm drinking and smoking in mad men scene
mega video/amc
Jon Hamm as Don Draper (AMC)

(CBS) Madison Avenue, New York City, circa 1963, sure looks like fun: sweet cars, gorgeous clothes, decadent affairs in palatial hotel rooms, and martini-fueled oyster feasts in the middle of the afternoon.

But then there's having to spend every day in an office that's choked with cigarette smoke, and sharing  the road to the Hamptons with drivers too drunk to see.

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And don't forget the signs of early lung disease and liver cirrhosis, and - if you're a woman - having a chain-smoking gynecologist lecture you about promiscuity while you're in stirrups.

Still having fun?

Given all the less-than-healthy habits portrayed week in and week out on the hit TV series "Mad Men," you might be better off indulging your imagination about the 1960s-era lifestyles - and not emulating their indulgences.

Then again....

PICTURES: 11 Ways Living Like "Mad Men" Could Kill You