"Mad Men" recap: Flowers, a funeral and uncovered lies

Elizabeth Moss as Peggy Olsen on "Mad Men."
Michael Yarish/AMC

It was Valentine's Day in the world of "Mad Men" during Sunday's episode, but it wasn't really a happy one for most of those at SC&P.

There were some miscommunications about flowers, a funeral and a misplaced purse, not to mention some office reshuffling.

Don's still suspended, making him the "collective ex-wife who still receives alimony" from SC&P. He wakes up at noon, eats Ritz crackers while watching "The Little Rascals" and barely gives a scurrying cockroach the time of day. He finally spiffs up in one of his sharp suits, but it isn't a date who comes to the door -- it's Dawn, his secretary, who's apparently been keeping him in the loop in what's going on at the office (and also keeping his family in the dark about his job situation). She comes and goes quickly, and as soon as the door closes he loosens his tie and the TV's back on.

Later, he dresses up again to go to lunch with an ad man from Wells Rich Green, who asks about the rumors around why he left SC&P. Don plays coy and does a bit of damage control -- he's "looking for love" and testing the waters with other agencies. While they're talking, an ad man from McCann stops by the table and expresses his interest as well.

Peggy, meanwhile, has no idea it's Valentine's Day until Stan and Ginsberg remind her -- but it's not like she has anyone to spend it with, anyway. As if that wasn't bad enough, she sees roses waiting outside her office and assumes they're for her...when they were really for her secretary, Shirley, from her fiance. Even worse, she assumes they're from Ted in Los Angeles.

Sally, meanwhile, heads to the city from boarding school to attend a classmate's mother's funeral. When she loses her purse while shopping downtown, she goes to SC&P to ask Don for train fare -- and finds Lou working in her father's office, with his name on the door. She leaves, and when Dawn gets back to her desk Lou rips into her for the awkward encounter and demands to Joan that she be reassigned. Joan puts Dawn at reception, but has to move her again after Bert Cooper notes (gasp!) that "people can see her from the elevator." So there's another reshuffle -- Joan moves upstairs, since she has her own accounts now, and Dawn takes her old place as the head of personnel.

Stranded in New York, Sally surprises her father at his apartment. He lies to her about his work status and offers to drive her back to school and write her a note of excuse. What should it say? "Just tell the truth," she tells him. While in the car, she confronts him about what happened at SC&P and says it's "more embarrassing for me to catch you in a lie than for you to be lying."

"Do you know how hard it was for me to go to your apartment? I could've run into that woman," she yells at him -- that woman being Sylvia, the neighbor she caught Don having sex with. The car ride continues in awful silence.

They stop at a diner and Don comes clean to her about work. The confession brings them closer together, and it's implied the funeral and the lost purse were all part of Sally's plan to come and see him. When he drops her off at school, she tells him, "Happy Valentine's Day. I love you." This catches Don off guard, and he watches her go up the stairs as the Zombies' "This Will Be The Year" plays in the background.

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