"Mad Men" Finale: Jessica Pare's Character to Wed Don Draper

Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and Megan (Jessica Pare) are shown in a scene from "Mad Men." Michael Yarish/AMC

NEW YORK (CBS) The fourth season of "Mad Men" has come to an end, and much of what seemed stable in the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce world has changed.

Pictures: The "Mad Men" Finale

"Tomorrowland" opens with the agency on a precipice - it hasn't signed any new business in 10 weeks. Joan receives a promotion to director of agency operations, but it's only a title change with no extra money, and celebration is nonexistent. Lane gives her the news, and she keeps pushing the mail cart. Another step on the way to becoming Ms. Blankenship. But, more on her later.

Betty is going through with her plan to move the family to Rye. As things are getting packed, Glenn comes over to say goodbye to Sally. Carla allows him to go upstairs, but tells him to hurry out before Betty returns. He and Sally share a tender goodbye, and as he goes to leave, Betty walks in the door. She screams at Glenn to get out and then, horribly, fires Carla, who's been more of a mother to those kids than Betty's ever been.

Don is taking Sally, Bobby and baby Gene (who got so big!) to California while Betty and Henry finish the move. Carla was supposed to accompany them to look after the kids, but Betty's sudden firing of her leaves Don without a babysitter. So, he decides to bring his secretary, Megan (Jessica Pare), along instead.

Don and the kids (minus Meg) stop by Anna's old house, so Don can sign some papers. Sally notices "Dick + Anna '64" painted on the wall and asks her father who that is. "That's me," he admits, telling her Dick is a nickname he uses sometimes. Don's worlds are colliding - Don Draper and Dick Whitman aren't so far apart anymore. Stephanie also gives him Anna's engagement ring, the one from the original Don Draper.

After a few days in the California sun and with an engagement ring newly in his possession, Don goes to Megan's hotel room in the middle of the night and tells her he's in love. He asks her to marry him.

"This is all so fast!" she exclaimed. You're telling us.

After she and the entire "Mad Men"-watching audience get over the shock, she accepts.

Back at the agency, Don calls Faye and tells her he met someone (though he conveniently leaves out that it's his secretary). She's clearly both heartbroken and furious, and tells him to tell his new girl that he "only likes the beginnings of things." She hangs up the phone, and we're left wondering what the jilted woman who knows Don's deep, dark secret will do with it.

Peggy breaks the company's slow streak by signing Topaz Pantyhose. But her news is overshadowed by that of the sudden engagement. Don tells Peggy that Megan admires her.

Peggy and Joan sit together and marvel over their lots at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Joan tells Peggy that Meg will probably be made a copywriter, since Don won't want to be married to his secretary. We later see her on the phone with her husband, over in Vietnam, and he asks her if she's showing yet. So she didn't get the abortion! We wonder if he'll live long enough to find out that it's not his child.

Betty finds that things with Henry aren't what she expected, and as she's packing up the last box in the house, she and Don share a tender last moment in what was once their home. He tells her he's engaged, and her face falls. Somewhere, behind all the spite and anger, she's just a childish woman, who clearly secretly hoped Don would either be alone forever or beg to have her back.

The show ends with Meg and Don in bed together, her fast asleep and holding onto him, him wide awake and staring off into space. Even when he's supposedly happy, he looks all alone.