"Mad Men" creator: Answers on the way

"Mad Men"
From left, Elisabeth Moss, Jon Hamm and Christina Hendricks of "Mad Men."

(CBS News) "Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner knows what's on the way in the fifth season of the acclaimed and highly-anticipated show, but he's staying tight-lipped about details.

But he did divulge on "CBS This Morning" that the story advances considerably in the premiere.

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"My whole feeling was, we're going to be off the air for 17 months and I don't want the fans to think we took that lightly and I wanted to give the fan as big dose of the show, so they can get into it right away and a lot of stuff does get answered."

He added, "Even though the characters are the same, we start a new story every season. The premiere always feels to me like the last episode of the season before and then the new story starts, and then people either enjoy moving on or they don't enjoy moving on, but it's kind of fun because you know what the ages of the characters are. It's set, it's tied to a calendar, and you get to live with the changes that happen in people's actual lives."

The entire season is finished, Weiner said. "I'm very excited for everybody to see it," he said. "It's just sort of sitting there in a vault somewhere."

"Mad Men" two-hour premiere airs Sunday on AMC.

For more with Weiner on "Mad Men," including the draw of Don Draper's character and why the story is compelling set in the 1960s, watch the video in the player above.