Mackenzie Phillips: Incestuous Sex with Father John Phillips Wasn't Consensual

NEW YORK (CBS/AP) Four months after Mackenzie Phillips came forward with shocking revelations that she had a consensual incestuous affair with her father, "The Mamas and The Papas" star John Phillips, she now believes she was not a willing partner.

PICTURES: Mackenzie Phillips Incest Shocker

"I'd like to reframe my word consensual," she told Joy Behar on the talk show host's Headline News show. "As I was writing the book I thought this word – it kept sitting wrong with me, but I used it for lack of a better word. And since then I have been schooled by thousands of incest survivors all across the world that there really is no such thing as consensual incest due to the inherent power a parent has over a child. I wouldn't necessarily call it a consensual relationship at this time."

Phillips also told Beyar that since she wrote her book "High on Arrival" and discussed the decades long, drug-fueled affair with her father on Oprah last September, many incest survivors have thanked her for bravery in speaking out.

"You didn't ask for an army honey, but you got one now," she said one person messaged her in a social network.

PICTURES: Mackenzie Phillips Incest Shocker

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